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Committed to Sustainability

At CoolSeal by GuardTop®, we prioritize sustainability in the manufacturing and application of our product.

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Innovate and Impact

We are the only cool pavement on the market offering a fully-green alternative to sealcoat . To date, we have installed 325 lane miles of CoolSeal by GuardTop®, supporting 22 states and 6 countries in their efforts to decrease urban warming, prioritize sustainability and promote comfort and health within their communities.

"Addressing the environmental challenges of today is more important now than ever and we at CoolSeal are passionate about making a difference. We are focusing efforts on helping cities and their stakeholders build their sustainability, heat mitigation, and climate planning programs."

Maria Koetter
Senior Climate and Sustainability Specialist at CoolSeal by GuardTop®

Sustainability Support Services

Allow the CoolSeal team to provide technical support and assistance with sustainability, heat mitigation, and climate planning programs, and assist with grant preparation.

Heat Mitigation

  • Guide data monitoring

  • Support heat action planning

  • Guide CoolSeal pilot project and implementation activities

Sustainability and Climate Planning

  • Identify program goals

  • Assist with plan preparation

Grant Writing

  • Identify grant opportunities

  • Support application preparation and submittal

Empower Your City

CoolSeal by Guardtop Go green

Protect the Environment

CoolSeal by Guardtop Lower Lifetime Costs

Save Money

Improve Quality of Life

Promote Economic Development

Preserve Resources for Future Generations

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Let's Work Together

We are dedicated to the work of helping cities build resilience to extreme heat. Together let's create new opportunities to protect our environment, preserve resources, promote economic development and improve the quality of life for current and future residents. Contact us to discuss how we can create a brighter future in your city or project.

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