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Keep It Cool

CoolSeal by GuardTop® offers innovative, solar-activated engineering to deliver a higher performing, longer-lasting asphalt sealcoat for forward-thinking communities and institutions. Reduce surface temperatures, preserve and protect your surfaces with CoolSeal. 

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Create A Brighter Future

Sustainability is an important part of what we do and CoolSeal by GuardTop® is proven to address the many challenges faced by communities due to rising temperatures. At CoolSeal, we are committed to promoting sustainable practices and programs to help cities and municipalities create a more resilient infrastructure, positively impacting the health and wellbeing of their current and future residents.

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Choose the Cool Solution

CoolSeal by GuardTop® is designed to reflect the sun’s energy to produce cooler surface temperatures through increased reflectivity, which may reduce surface temperatures by 10-25 degrees Fahrenheit (under certain conditions). The EPA states that reflective pavements such as CoolSeal can help mitigate heat islands.

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Advanced Technology

Each CoolSeal application provides longer-lasting protection and fewer treatments are required to keep assets looking new over its lifetime.

CoolSeal by Guardtop Comfort & Safety

Comfort & Safety

CoolSeal is designed to improve comfort and safety for children and animals on playgrounds, walking paths, schools, neighborhoods, bike trails and other community areas.

CoolSeal by Guardtop Lower Lifetime Costs

Lower Lifetime Costs

CoolSeal lasts longer than conventional sealcoats, which translates to lower maintenance lifecycle costs and reduces inconvenience to residents and consumers.

CoolSeal by Guardtop Go green

Go Green

Our commitment to sustainability has guided the development of a high- performance asphalt-based sealcoat that is designed to achieve lower surface temperatures through its lighter color and reflectivity.

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Let's Reduce Heat Island Effect

Heat islands, also known as urban heat islands, are areas with significantly higher temperatures than surrounding rural areas and are common in densely populated areas across the globe. One of the main contributors to the heat island effect is dark pavement. Conventional asphalt surfaces absorb excess heat and can reach temperatures in excess of 160 degrees.

According to the EPA, heat islands can affect communities by increasing summertime peak energy demand, air conditioning costs, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, heat-related illness, mortality and reducing water quality.

The EPA states that cool pavements such as those treated with CoolSeal by GuardTop® can help mitigate heat, reducing the Heat Island Effect and contributing to better conditions communities effected.

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