Cooler Futures Ahead

Revolutionizing pavement maintenance with its solar-activated, high-performance sealcoat, CoolSeal is uniquely designed for socially responsible communities and institutions looking towards a cooler, healthier future.

The Smart Choice

Reflecting sunlight rather than absorbing it, CoolSeal significantly lowers surface temperatures, distinguishing itself from traditional asphalt that exacerbates urban heat. Lasting twice as long as conventional coatings, CoolSeal is the leading choice in high-performance smart surfaces.

Put to the Test

Proven to Outperform

Among many other city initiatives currently in progress, CoolSeal has most notably been put to the test by the City of Phoenix, Arizona, as part of their Cool Pavement Pilot Program and Los Angeles’ Cool Roadways Partnership. The results—CoolSeal is proving to be the best choice, and only fully-green choice, for cities seeking heat relief, energy savings and innovative, long-term solutions.


more reflective absorbing less heat


longer lasting than standard asphalt coatings


reduction in surface temperatures

Reduce Heat
Urban Heat Island Mitigation

Cool Your Streets

Reflecting sunlight rather than absorbing it, CoolSeal significantly lowers surface and ambient temperatures, distinguishing itself from traditional asphalt that exacerbates urban heat.

Save Energy
Promote Efficiency

Choose Sustainable

CoolSeal contributes to lower energy consumption within urban buildings and lasts twice as long compared to traditional options. This translates into considerable energy and resource savings in addition to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to broader sustainability goals.

Improve Quality of Life
Enhance Health and Safety

Promote Happy

CoolSeal addresses the urban heat island effect, which has been shown to exacerbate health risks, particularly among vulnerable populations. Reduced surface temperatures mean less heat stress for individuals spending time outdoors, promoting a more active and outdoor lifestyle. Additionally, these advanced materials offer enhanced street traction for vehicles, minimizing the risk of accidents during wet conditions. Moreover, their reflective properties improve nighttime visibility, making streets safer for both drivers and pedestrians after dark.

More than asphalt protection

The Impact of CoolSeal Technology

CoolSeal's advanced sealcoat was designed to address climate challenges and is proven to significantly decrease urban warming and promote environmental sustainability. CoolSeal is committed to helping private and public sectors and their construction partners in their contributions to fostering a cooler, more sustainable future in the built environment.

Public Works

Designed to enhance the resilience and longevity of roadways, CoolSeal goes beyond conventional benefits by actively reducing urban heat, cutting energy use, and elevating the quality of life for residents.

Private Development & Management

With CoolSeal, simultaneously enhance outdoor  appeal and comfort, lower cooling expenses, extend surface longevity, and improve environmental quality in a single, sustainable investment.

Construction Professionals

CoolSeal offers an unparalleled asphalt protection solution, expertly designed to endure heavy traffic, extreme temperatures, and environmental challenges, making it the premier choice in asphalt coatings.

We are seeing neighborhood-level cooling that you can feel.

Kate Gallego

Mayor, Phoenix AZ

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