How CoolSeal Can Impact LEED Certification

Did you know that utilizing CoolSeal on your new building or development can also contribute toward your LEED certification?

July 26, 2022
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For the past five years, CoolSeal by GuardTop has been fighting climate change, one roadway at a time. But did you know that utilizing CoolSeal on your new building or development can also contribute toward your LEED certification? In fact, having CoolSeal on your property could be worth up to three points toward the 40-80 points needed for various levels of certification.

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the most widely-used green building rating system in the world. By providing a framework for green buildings, LEED certification is a globally-recognized symbol of sustainability achievement. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, a LEED-certified building will save money, improve efficiency, lower carbon emissions, and create healthier places for people.

The LEED Rating System

To achieve the coveted LEED certification, a project must accumulate points by meeting standards addressing carbon, energy, water, waste, transportation, materials, health, and indoor environmental quality. Projects that wish to be considered for LEED certification undergo a verification and review process by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), and are then awarded points corresponding to one of the LEED certification levels. The levels are broken down into this rating system:

• Certified (40-49 points)

• Silver (50-59 points)

• Gold (60-79 points)

• Platinum (80+ points)

CoolSeal & LEED

If your goal is to achieve LEED certification for your new build, CoolSeal can help contribute to your points in several ways. First, CoolSeal products meet LEED and EPA requirements of 33% reflectivity, and are eligible for up to three LEED points. But that’s not all.

“Additional benefits for parking lots include energy savings on lights, and cooler runoff water, which gives less chance of thermal shock for wildlife,” explains Ryan Strzalka, Sustainability Development Manager for CoolSeal by GuardTop.  

According to “A Practical Guide to Cool Roofs and Cool Pavements,” put together by the Global Cool Cities Alliance, parking lots that use light-colored pavement will allow for better visibility and safer streets at night, and may also reduce the need for street lighting.

To find out how CoolSeal by GuardTop can help your new project achieve LEED certification, please reach out to Davis Koleas, CoolSeal byGuardTop’s Sustainability Project Manager, directly at (310) 970-4271, or Or, use the form below.


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