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First demonstrated in the winter of 2016 for the LA Street Services Bureau, CoolSeal by GuardTop® distinguished itself as the standard for cool pavement and its contribution to combating climate changes and challenges. Fast forward to today, CoolSeal remains the market leader in quality and innovation.

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To date, CoolSeal has been applied to hundreds of lane miles, supporting 22 states and 6 countries in their efforts to decrease urban warming, prioritize sustainability and promote comfort and health within their communities. The results speak for themselves.

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The Impact of CoolSeal Technology

CoolSeal's advanced sealcoat was designed to address climate challenges and is proven to significantly decrease urban warming and promote environmental sustainability. CoolSeal is committed to helping private and public sectors and their construction partners in their contributions to fostering a cooler, more sustainable future in the built environment.

Public Works

Designed to enhance the resilience and longevity of roadways, CoolSeal goes beyond conventional benefits by actively reducing urban heat, cutting energy use, and elevating the quality of life for residents.

Private Development & Management

With CoolSeal, simultaneously enhance outdoor  appeal and comfort, lower cooling expenses, extend surface longevity, and improve environmental quality in a single, sustainable investment.

Construction Professionals

CoolSeal offers an unparalleled asphalt protection solution, expertly designed to endure heavy traffic, extreme temperatures, and environmental challenges, making it the premier choice in asphalt coatings.

Committed to Change

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Get to know the talented individuals driving our success.

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Maria Koetter
Senior Climate and Sustainability Specialist


Find answers to commonly asked questions about CoolSeal's innovative asphalt sealcoat.

How does CoolSeal by GuardTop work?

It is a water-based asphalt treatment that is applied on top of the existing asphalt pavement. It's made with asphalt, water, an emulsifying agent (soap), mineral fillers, polymers, and recycled materials. It contains no harmful chemicals and is compatible with traditional asphalt.

How is cool pavement applied?

Cool pavement can be sprayed or applied with a squeegee, just like traditional surface treatments applied to city streets.

What are the benefits of using CoolSeal by GuardTop?

CoolSeal is a high-performance, water-based, asphalt emulsion sealcoat designed to achieve lower surface temperatures through its lighter color and reflectivity. CoolSeal meets Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and LEED requirements of 33 percent reflectivity and can last longer than conventional sealcoats.

Has cool pavement been used anywhere else in the world?

With this pilot program, Phoenix now has the most cool pavement in North America. Los Angeles, California is following in its footsteps, with Mayor Eric Garcetti recently kicking off the next phase of his ‘Cool Streets L.A.’ program, which will bring 200 blocks of cool pavement and nearly 2,000 new trees to eight neighborhoods across Los Angeles. CoolSeal also has a large presence in Australia, with a total of roughly two million square feet of cool pavement applied. Australia has benefited from reduced ambient temperatures and has led global efforts in going green with cool pavement.

How effective is CoolSeal in reducing heat in urban areas?

CoolSeal reflects 30% more sunlight and lowers surface temperatures by 10-16℉, compared to uncoated asphalt. It can lower surface temperatures by up to 20℉ as compared to black-coat asphalt. It also lowers subsurface temperatures by nearly 5℉, resulting in long-lasting surfaces that reduce maintenance needs and save on costs.

Can CoolSeal be used in any climate?

While CoolSeal is especially designed to achieve lower surface temperatures through its lighter color and reflectivity, our water-based formula (as opposed to the more common polymer-based surface sealants on the market) makes it durable in all climates. Once applied and fully cured, CoolSeal is effective in all environments and weather conditions. In Salt Lake City, for example, CoolSeal maintained its physical integrity, solar reflectivity, and coloring even after multiple freeze-thaw cycles and the punishments of snowplows, salt, and snow melt. This makes CoolSeal an excellent choice for regions that experience both extreme summers and winters.

What is an asphalt sealcoat?

An asphalt sealcoat is a protective barrier that shields asphalt from oil and gas, UV damage, water, and road salt — unavoidable elements and substances that break asphalt down, causing damage like cracks, potholes, and fading. Asphalt sealcoat prolongs the quality and life of your asphalt by blocking damaging elements and substances. It can also fill small gaps and cracks.

Where can CoolSeal be applied?

CoolSeal is applied to asphalt, the same way conventional black sealcoats are applied. It can be used to coat parking lots, driveways, roadways, residential areas, schools, playgrounds, bike paths, and other community areas.

How long does CoolSeal last and how does it compare to conventional sealcoats?

Our special blend is designed to be resistant to cracking and wear and tear. Properly applied, a two-coat application of CoolSeal can last twice as long as conventional sealcoat and require less maintenance.

Is CoolSeal considered a green product?

CoolSeal by GuardTop® is a fully green alternative to conventional sealcoats, which contain polymers and contribute to urban heat islands. CoolSeal is water-based and formulated with recycled materials, free of harmful chemicals.

How does CoolSeal differ from traditional asphalt sealcoats?

Conventional polymer-based asphalt sealcoats are created from a blend of coal tar or bitumen, sand, and other fine particles. These dark surfaces absorb heat and energy, causing high surface temperatures and urban heat island effects.

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