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Put to the Test

CoolSeal by GuardTop is a high-performance asphalt coating designed to protect, seal, and beautify parking lots and other asphalt surfaces, all while achieving lower surface temperatures through increased solar reflectivity.

Recently put to the test by the City of Phoenix, Arizona,
as part of their Cool Pavement Pilot Program  and an instrumental part of Los Angeles’ Cool Roadways Partnership , which is initiating its second phase,  Coolseal by GuardTop is proving to be the best choice, and only fully-green choice, for cities seeking heat relief, energy savings and innovative, long-term solutions.

The Results

CoolSeal by GuardTop Treated Pavements....

30% more reflective

Reflect 30% more sunlight than untreated asphalts 12% and absorbing less heat

Up to 20°F cooler

Lower surface temperatures by 10-16 °F compared to uncoated asphalt; 20°F compared to black-coat asphalt

Saving Millions in Energy Costs

Produce lower air temperatures, relieving Urban Heat Islands and saving millions in city energy costs and reducing emissions

5°F cooler subsurface

Lower subsurface temperatures by nearly 5 °F protecting the life of a surface. Resulting long-lasting surfaces, less maintenance needs and city cost savings

"I have found the results of our pilot to be enormously encouraging,” she says. “We are seeing neighborhood-level cooling that you can feel."

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Kate Gallego
Phoenix Mayor

“A single degree Fahrenheit reduction in air temperature during the summer could save residential ratepayers about $15 million per year in avoided air-conditioning costs,”

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David Sailor
Director of the Urban Climate Research Center at ASU

"We are looking forward to working with GuardTop for years to come and we recommend their products and services"

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Carol Netta
Board President - Newport Ridge North Maintenance Association

Innovate and Impact

Cool pavements were designed to aid in reducing and ultimately eliminating heat islands. A heat island is an urban area that has significantly higher temperatures than its surrounding rural areas due to human activities. Cool pavements reflect more of the sun’s energy to produce cooler surface temperatures on the pavement or asphalt.

GuardTop, which is committed to sustainability, creates products with the environment in mind. Its formula incorporates recycled materials and is free of hazardous volatiles and carcinogenic additives. In addition, GuardTop products preserve pavement and play a vital role in reducing dust and waste associated with replacing asphalt surfaces.

The only cool pavement on the market offering a fully-green alternative to sealcoat

Tested and certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Made-to-order using recycled materials whenever possible

Roughly two million square feet of cool pavement has been applied internationally in global efforts to go green

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are the partners in this program?

The City of Phoenix Office of Sustainability, the Street Transportation Department, and Arizona State University (ASU) partnered together in this program, in conjunction with CoolSeal by GuardTop as the cool pavement supplier, and ViaSun Corporation as the asphalt contractor.

How does CoolSeal by GuardTop work?

It is a water-based asphalt treatment that is applied on top of the existing asphalt pavement. It's made with asphalt, water, an emulsifying agent (soap), mineral fillers, polymers, and recycled materials. It contains no harmful chemicals and is compatible with traditional asphalt.

What is the Cool Pavement Pilot Program?

The Cool Pavement Pilot Program was created by the City of Phoenix Office of Sustainability, the Street Transportation Department, and Arizona State University (ASU) with the goal of improving the livability of the city by cooling down neighborhoods and reducing energy costs.

How is CoolSeal by GuardTop involved in the program?

To launch the program, CoolSeal by GuardTop was applied to 36 miles of neighborhood roads and one public parking lot in the city of Phoenix in 2020.

Does cool pavement look different than traditional asphalt?

Yes, the cool pavement coating is a lighter grayish concrete color. When applied, the material dries to a matte finish. Despite being lighter in color, cool pavement does not result in glare. It also meets or exceeds skid-safety requirements.

How is cool pavement applied?

Cool pavement can be sprayed or applied with a squeegee, just like traditional surface treatments applied to city streets.

What are the benefits of using CoolSeal by GuardTop?

CoolSeal is a high-performance, water-based, asphalt emulsion sealcoat designed to achieve lower surface temperatures through its lighter color and reflectivity. CoolSeal meets Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and LEED requirements of 33 percent reflectivity and can last longer than conventional sealcoats.

Does cool pavement save money for the city, or cost more?

When looking at the material cost difference between the CoolSeal product and traditional black asphalt, CoolSeal runs about 60 cents per square yard higher. However, as Special Projects Administrator, Street Maintenance Division Rubben Lolly points out, the benefits will outweigh the difference in cost, considering the additional benefits of CoolSeal in terms of overall lifespan of the product, which will ideally last around seven years.

In addition, reducing the air temperature has the potential for big savings when it comes to energy bills. “A single degree Fahrenheit reduction in air temperature during the summer could save residential ratepayers about $15 million per year in avoided air-conditioning costs,” says David Sailor, Director of the Urban Climate Research Center at ASU.

What have the study results shown so far?

In a virtual presentation and panel discussion on September 14, 2021, the City of Phoenix released the results of the first year of this innovative program. The study, performed by scientists at ASU’s Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation, Healthy Urban Environments, and the Urban Climate Research Center, found that the reflective pavement surface temperatures of CoolSeal by GuardTop are considerably lower than traditional roadway pavement. Cool pavement coating reflects a higher portion of the sunlight that hits it, and because of this higher reflection, the coating has the potential to offset rising nighttime temperatures in the region.​

So far, the study has revealed that the nighttime air temperature at six feet of height was on average 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit lower over cool pavement than on the non-treated surfaces.

In addition, cool pavement had an average surface temperature 10.5 to 12 degrees Fahrenheit lower than traditional asphalt at noon and during afternoon hours. Sub-surface temperatures averaged 4.8 degrees Fahrenheit lower in areas treated with cool pavement, too.

What’s the next step for this program?

Researchers will continue working in partnership with the Phoenix City Council to launch the second phase of the Cool Pavement Pilot Program in the future. The next phase of the program will include continued reflectivity measurements and long-term performance testing for durability, bonding, and surface wear, while also assessing related environmental, health, and social implications.

Has cool pavement been used anywhere else in the world?

With this pilot program, Phoenix now has the most cool pavement in North America. Los Angeles, California is following in its footsteps, with Mayor Eric Garcetti recently kicking off the next phase of his ‘Cool Streets L.A.’ program, which will bring 200 blocks of cool pavement and nearly 2,000 new trees to eight neighborhoods across Los Angeles.

CoolSeal also has a large presence in Australia, with a total of roughly two million square feet of cool pavement applied. Australia has benefited from reduced ambient temperatures and has led global efforts in going green with cool pavement. 

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