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Improve the longevity and durability of your roadways, while also reducing costs with CoolSeal by GuardTop®. An innovative solution to providing superior protection from the elements, CoolSeal is proven to reduce the urban heat island effect, decrease energy consumption and increase resident comfort and quality of life.

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The Smart Choice for Your City

Coolseal Offers:

Energy Efficiency

CoolSeal reflects the sun's rays, which reduces the amount of heat absorbed by the pavement and lowers the temperature of the surrounding air. This can help reduce the energy needed to cool buildings and homes, resulting in energy savings for the city and reduced emissions.

Increased Durability

Made with a special blend of materials that are resistant to cracking and wear and tear, CoolSeal is designed to last longer and require less maintenance, saving city departments in time and money.

Enhanced Safety

Applying CoolSeal to asphalt, can help reduce the risk of accidents caused by slippery or uneven surfaces. CoolSeal also offers increased nighttime visibility for drivers, pedestrians and bikers.

Improved Comfort

Proven to lower surface temperatures, CoolSeal will make outdoor areas more comfortable and enjoyable for people to use. The lower temperatures are due to a reduction in the heat island effect, which also improves air quality and general resident wellness.

Engineered with high solids content
Dries to a light gray matte finish and does not cause glare
Eligible for LEED points
Formulated with recycled materials, free of harmful chemicals
Reduced dust and waste during application

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