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Cool pavement is an innovative solution that can provide a wide range of benefits to your property. Not only will it reduce the heat island effect, making outdoor spaces more comfortable for visitors and residents, it can also lower cooling costs for nearby buildings, extend the life of pavement and other outdoor surfaces, and improve air and water quality. CoolSeal by GuardTop® is an investment in your property that will pay off for years to come.

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The Smart Choice for Your Property

Coolseal Offers:

Energy Efficiency

CoolSeal lowers cooling costs for nearby buildings and reduces the amount of energy needed for street lighting, as the cooler surfaces reflect more light.

Increased Durability

Extend the life of your pavement with CoolSeal, as your asphalt will experience less wear and tear, decreasing maintenance and repair needs

Enhanced Safety

Applying CoolSeal to asphalt, can help reduce the risk of accidents caused by slippery or uneven surfaces. CoolSeal also offers increased nighttime visibility for drivers, pedestrians and bikers.

Improved Comfort

Proven to lower surface temperatures, CoolSeal will make outdoor areas more comfortable and enjoyable for people to use. This can increase the value of your  properties and make them more attractive to potential visitors or residents.

Engineered with high solids content
Dries to a light gray matte finish and does not cause glare
Eligible for LEED points
Formulated with recycled materials, free of harmful chemicals
Reduced dust and waste during application

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