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Los Angeles is Painting its Streets to Combat Climate Change (Futurism)

The special paint will help cool off the city.

As featured by Futurism:

The city of Los Angeles, California is pushing forward to fight against climate change and reduce slowly rising temperatures. This time around, it’s painting the streets a different color.

Black is a color that’s prone to absorbing heat from the sun, so black asphalt that covers a city like L.A. is sure to increase the city’s overall temperature, as proven by the record-breaking heat California has had to deal with this early September.

Los Angeles is now coating its streets with a new gray paint called CoolSeal that will, as its name indicates, keep pavements cooler. California-based company GuardTop produces the paint, which the city tested in certain areas back in August, resulting in a 6.6 degrees Celsius (12 degrees Fahrenheit) drop in temperature.

This article was originally published by Futurism. Read the full article here.

Sophie Moore

VP of Marketing

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