CoolSeal’s BearCat is a Gamechanger for Sealcoat Industry

GuardTop is excited to introduce an innovative machine that will be a game-changer in the sealcoating industry – the BearCat.

November 23, 2021
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CoolSeal by GuardTop has been making strides in the fight against climate change with its unique cool pavement technology. And now, GuardTop is excited to introduce an innovative machine that will be a game-changer in the sealcoating industry – the BearCat. 

The CoolSeal BearCat made its debut in the streets of North Hollywood in Los Angeles, California earlier this month. According to CoolSeal’s Sustainability Project Manager, Davis Koleas, the machine, which was built specifically for CoolSeal, takes sealcoat application to the next level.

“The machine has a 14-foot-long spray bar at the back, allowing a street to be coated in just two passes,” he says. “The inside has a computerized rate-control system to ensure precise application every time.”

So how exactly does the BearCat differ from other similar trucks already being used in the sealcoat industry? Currently, this machine is being used to apply thin materials that don’t have as much aggregate in them. Seal coats such as CoolSeal and GuardTop are much thicker, and as a result, tougher to spray. That’s where the BearCat comes in.

“We worked with the tank manufacturer to redesign their machines so that they can be compatible with sealcoat,” Koleas explains. “In that sense, this is the only machine in the sealcoat industry that is applying material using a computer rate-controlled system. Our success with this machine could open up a new avenue in our industry.”

Koleas also foresees a huge benefit in terms of time and cost savings for both cities and property owners. 

“This machine allows for more area to be covered per day than ever before. The BearCat also requires less labor since most of the work can be done by the truck. Both of those will provide a lot of cost savings, greatly reducing the cost-per-square-foot for cities and property owners.”

As for the future of the BearCat, GuardTop’s plan is to use it for larger projects, including the Cool Pavement Pilot Program, which is currently underway in Phoenix, Arizona, and in any future projects in Los Angeles, too.

“As the amount of projects we have for CoolSeal increases, our goal is to have an entire fleet of trucks so that we can be operating at a higher production out,” Koleas says. 


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