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CoolSeal by GuardTop Debuts Innovative Cool Pavement Application Technology

Watch how the BearCat’s state-of-the-art computer rate controlled cool pavement application works!

In November, we told you about an exciting advancement in the sealcoat industry with the game-changing machine, the BearCat. Now, CoolSeal by GuardTop has teamed up with the City of Los Angeles to showcase more details on how the BearCat’s state-of-the-art computer rate controlled cool pavement application works. 

“The computerized rate control allows material to be applied to the exact precise manufacturer-recommended application rate,” explains CoolSeal by GuardTop’s Sustainability Project Manager, Davis Koleas. “It takes out any human error, and also saves time.”


The CoolSeal BearCat made its debut in the streets of North Hollywood in Los Angeles, California in November. Watch the rate-controlled application innovation in action through this BearCat demonstration:

Prior to this application innovation, the traditional process involved manually setting the pressure on the spray bar and calculating the application rate by one of two methods – either by weighing the truck before and after a pass, or by measuring the tank volume and calculating how much material was used. Now, having rate control will ensure precision, and allow for adjustments to be made at the touch of a button, without wasting time with trial and error. 

As the cool pavement movement grows, CoolSeal by GuardTop is hoping to obtain an entire fleet of trucks with this technology in order to operate at a higher production rate. In the meantime, CoolSeal will continue working on impacting climate change, one road at a time.

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