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How L.A. Is Beating the Heat With White-Painted Streets (Treehugger)

The new, no-brainer solution to heat-absorbing asphalt as embraced by city officials? Painting blacktop white.

As featured by Treehugger:

Los Angeles is a strange place. For most first-time visitors, particularly those fleeing parts of the country where the winters are frigid and unforgiving, one of the most remarkable things about L.A. is how green it is. A bonanza of exotic and beautiful flora, the city seems to exist in a largely season-less void as a verdant — and problematically water-dependent — paradise where you can find lushness in even the smallest urban corners.

But as green as L.A. is, it's also oppressively gray. A sprawling, freeway-laced metropolis where car culture still reigns supreme, the city’s most distinctive feature, for better but mostly worse, remains its roads. Although many Los Angelenos are choosing to buck tradition and eschew cars, one old axiom remains mostly true: Nobody walks in L.A.

This article was originally published by Treehugger. Read the full article here.

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