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City of Cape May Launches Cool Pavement Pilot Program to Combat Rising Temperatures

The city of Cape May to launch a cool pavement pilot program with CoolSeal to lower temperatures and increase comfort.

GuardTop, premium asphalt-based sealcoating manufacturer, and the City of Cape May partnered to launch a cool pavement pilot program to lower temperatures throughout the Northeastern Historic Landmark city. Coolseal by GuardTop was applied to fresh asphalt on a pedestrian walkway near Cape May Convention Hall in order to provide increased comfort to visitors by lowering surface and ambient temperatures.

“Our location next to the ocean forces us to pay close attention to changes in our climate,” said Zachary Mullock, Mayor of Cape May. “We saw this as an opportunity to lessen the heat island effect caused by our blacktop. The CoolSeal team has been fantastic to work with and helped us navigate the whole way through.”

CoolSeal has been applied and studied across the globe. After application, CoolSeal lowers surface temperatures by an average of 12°F when compared to traditional black asphalt products during peak afternoon heat. In addition to lowering the surface temperatures, benefits of CoolSeal include decreased energy consumption and ambient temperatures.

“There is no denying that lower temperatures are needed in desert cities but it’s also a necessity in coastal areas,” said GuardTop’s Sustainability Director, Davis Koleas. “The City of Cape May took a major step in addressing the rising temperatures and offering increased comfort to visitors. While coastal cities are viewed as cooler, asphalt can reach a temperature of 140°F on an 80°F day. Cool pavement lowers the surface temperatures and we are thrilled Cape May is the first city in the Northeast to address heat related issues.”

Cool pavement offers a variety of benefits extending beyond lower surface temperatures and increased overall comfort. Studies show that cool pavement can also improve air quality, increase safety for animals, lower heat-related illnesses and deaths and decrease overall energy and water usage.

“We are excited to be the first city on the East Coast to use this product. In Cape May, the nation’s only National Historic Landmark City, we look for any way to combat climate change while still maintaining our Historic Landmark status,” said Mullock. “This product is not only aesthetically pleasing but reduces the temperature for paws and pads alike- cool!”

Fresh application of CoolSeal by GuardTop to the pedestrian walkway near Cape May Convention Hall.

To explore the City of Cape May visit: www.capemay.com.

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