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Can 'Cool Pavement' Technology Change Sacramento's Climate? (ABC10 Sacramento)

Los Angeles is painting their streets white to help keep the city cool in the summer.

As featured by ABC10 Sacramento:

It may only be spring but in Sacramento the summer heat comes quick.

Locals know, dry, high heat is just a part of living in the Capitol City. Unfortunately, the high temperatures can not only be uncomfortable for residents, it can also be costly or-- deadly.

Due to it's urban nature, over the summer, Sacramento suffers from the 'Heat Island Effect', which happens when roof and pavement surfaces reach temperatures 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the air, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The elevated temperatures in urban neighborhoods can increase the demand for air conditioning and in some cases, even trigger a Flex Alert. Hot pavement takes longer to cool at night and can cause discomfort or danger to sensitive populations such as older adults or children who depend on the heat breaks at night to cool off. Pets also risk burning their paws on hot asphalt when taken outdoors.

Last spring, the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Service became the first California city to coat city streets in CoolSeal, a light gray-colored coating designed to reflect solar rays.

This article was originally published by ABC10 Sacramento. Read the full article here.

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